PM1553-1 - Ballard PC104 1553B 接口板

        The PM1553-1 is a low-cost dual-redundant MIL-STD-1553 interface for PC/104-embedded computers. It can be programmed to function as a 1553 Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT), or Monitor. In addition to 1553 capability, the PM1553-1 has configurable input (4) and output (2) discretes. The PM1553-1 has many features that minimize the load on the host processor and can even eliminate the need for additional cards. The straightforward architecture and I/O-mapped registers make integration and applications programming a simple task in any operating system.
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  • BC, RT, and Monitor modes
  • 32K x 16 memory
  • Powerful SµMMIT® protocol processor
  • MIL-STD-1760 support
  • Configurable discretes (4 in/2 out)
  • Custom versions available
  • PC/104 compliant


The mode, RT address, and data structures can be either initialized by the host processor or automatically initialized at power-on. Jumpers and an on-board EEPROM select the settings and provide data for initialization. The host can reprogram the contents of the EEPROM. For critical applications, a PROM may be used in place of the EEPROM. Fast autoinitialization enables the PM1553-1 to respond to 1553 command words on the databus even before the host processor has finished booting.


The PM1553-1 is available with up to four input and two output discretes. The input discretes are factory-configured to the desired circuit and threshold voltage. A variety of series and shunt configurations (open/ground, voltage/ground, and voltage/open) are available. In addition to analog filtering, inputs are debounced through a programmable digital circuit. Each input discrete may be programmed to issue a service request on the positive and/or negative edge the input signal. Output discretes are under host control and have open-collector circuits with optional pull-up resistors.

The  section contains data sheets with complete information for PM1553-1 product.


PM1553-1/240 :  单通道全功能,工业级(-40 ,+70)

PM1553-1/340: 单通道全功能,军工级(-55,+85)

PM1553-1/241 :  单通道全功能,离散I/O,工业级(-40 ,+70)

PM1553-1/341 :  单通道全功能,离散I/O,军工级(-55,+85)


  • PM1553-1/240          
  • PM1553-1/241          
  • PM1553-1/340          
  • PM1553-1/341          
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